黑水  150ml        售價190元
黑水  300ml        售價320元

黑水  600ml


黑水  2L  

Nature Black Water
*The product is made from humus of leaves, roots, cortex, and fruits in tropical rain forest.
*It contains natual plant tannin, organic acid, and many kinds of vitamins, enabling ordinary water to become natual water-weak acid suitable for keeping arowana, discus, blood parrot, flowerhorn, southamerican cichlids, tetra, corydoras, plecos, water grass.
*Able to stimulate appetite, strengthen anti-bacteria ability, and keep health(enhance body colours)
*Conducive to growth of plants.  Keep algae from developing
*Able to stimulate spawn and enhance breeding
*Able to stabilize water quality and prevent fish from being scared and stressed

*Regularly add once per week.
*Remover every hectoliter water when aqurium is new or water is replaced.
*Add 20 ml of this product per 100 liter water, Cap is the measuring cup with 10ml capacity.(Non-therapeutics. Increase the dosage according to water coloration)
*Calculation of water volum: length(cm) × width(cm) × height(CM) / 1,000=liter
*Cap is the measuring cup with 10ml capacity.

Before you use:
*Before in use, please shake and add after dilution.
*Keep away from children
*Keep it in dry place without any sunshine exposure
*3-year valid duration is maked on the bottom of bottle.
*Manufacturing date is maked on the bottom of bottl.


*每100公升水添加本劑20ml (本瓶蓋為10ml量杯),(非藥品視水色澤需要酌量添加)
*水量計算方式:(公分)長×寬×高 ÷1000=公升